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Read the attached article and respond to the content: Does America need a "bridge of friendship" with Canada and Mexico? Why is one border apparently more problematical than the other? What commonalities do we share with the inhabitants on the other side? What kind of ceremony could be created to affirm our commonalities? Do we need a "bridge of friendship" with any other cultures, whose borders do not physically touch our own? Who would they be, what do we have in common with them, and what notable differences should we acknowledge and even celebrate? What do we stand to gain from them? What do they stand to gain from us?

Bridge of Friendship

America needs a ‘bridge of friendship’ with both Canada and Mexico. America and Canada have enjoyed a profitable and stable relationship that has lasted for more than two centuries. The two share a common British cultural heritage and have established the largest mutual-beneficial international relationships ever witnessed in the history of the world. The bridge of friendship will aim at ensuring this stable economic partnership continues for centuries to come. An independence ceremony can be created to celebrate both countries’ independence from British control.

Mexico and America have a very complicated relationship owing to the large number of undocumented Mexican immigrants and the rise in illegal drug trafficking from Mexico to the United States. The two nations have a shared history that goes back all the way to the Texas Revolution and the Mexican American War. There have even been suggestions by Presidential aspirant, Donald Trump to erect a wall between America and Mexico to block the proliferation of drugs and immigrants. The increasing tension between the two nations has necessitated the need for a bridge of friendship. Ceremonies to celebrate the end of territorial wars between the two nations in the past would go a long way in restoring peace in the region.

America does need a ‘bridge of friendship’ with other cultures, whose borders do not touch hers. For instance, America needs to be closer to China, because the two nations share the most important bilateral relationship in the world. The two nations boast of the largest and second-largest economies in the world. A closer relationship would create a global economic powerhouse that is mutually beneficial to both parties. Several differences exist between the two nations and these differences should be celebrated to bring the two nations closer. Notable differences include cultural, religious, culinary, and economic differences. The two nations should aspire to celebrate the cultural differences inherent in each other’s societies.

From the commercial, we learn that different cultures ascribe different meanings to a single action. Clearing your plate in Britain is a sign of respect and appreciation to your host. However, in Asian countries, clearing your plate means that one is not content with his host’s generosity. The host will continue bringing more food until finally you feel content.