Subject: Marketing
Language: English (U.S.)
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Take a product/service that you favor from all the following categories and write two slogan for the product: one institutional and the other a hard self slogan. The categories are: 1) Computer 2) University's online college 3) Vacation 4) A New Ice Cream Flavor Explain the essence of your product positioning problem you are solving. Describe your rationale for your slogan

Kinky Ice Cream Flavor

Institutional Slogan for Kinky Ice Cream Flavor

Seduction in every lick

Hard Sell Slogan for Kinky Ice Cream Flavor

Get Kinky with it…

Product Positioning

The product is targeting single, young, independent, and financially stable females. The women are also sexually active and proud of their sexual awareness. The product is also targeting women who have boyfriends or girlfriends but are the more sexual dominant partner in the relationship. The slogans for the new ice cream flavor evoke tendencies of sexual naughtiness and they have a playful charm. The product is flirty, charming, daring, and charismatic like the women the company is targeting with the new flavor. These women are daredevils and are not shy when it comes to sexual matters. They are also fun to be around for the most part. These are the women who always get their way in bed or otherwise.

Rationale for Slogans

The rationale behind the slogans is that the messages inherent in them resonate with the clientele the company seeks to attract. The product was designed for kinky girls, those who think outside the box when it comes to all spheres of life including sexual matters. These women are not afraid of being sexually active despite how often the society tries to make them feel dirty. The aim of the slogan is to change the notion of grown women only eat ice cream when they are depressed. Ice cream can be fun, dirty, erotic, and seductive as well. The slogans are also a call out to women who can play the dominant role in a sexual relationship. The slogans also celebrate the fact that we have different sexual orientations. Sex is meant to be enjoyed with one’s heart’s desire regardless of what society prescribes to be the correct sexual orientation.