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Write a complaint letter to the sales manager


Managing Director,

ABS Corporation

Los Angeles, CA 90002


Sales Manager,

ABC Marketing Department

Los Angeles, CA 8008.

Dear Mr. McIntosh,

           Thank you for the message sent to our company regarding the delay in shipment of the supply order. The message was timely, and it will help us organize ourselves so that the delay does not cause any more problems for our company and its customers. As you know, we had placed the order last week and we were hoping to have received the supplies in three days. Unfortunately, it has been more than a week since the said transaction and the company has since not received the wares. The delay has resulted in the culmination of huge losses on our part.

Our production process has stalled and our customers have begun sending complaints to our company. Our company prides itself in having successful business relationships with our suppliers. However, if a party were not meeting the objectives of a successful relationship, then the relationship would have to end. We hope that you can mitigate the situation by sending the supplies within the next 24 hours. Otherwise, our company may be forced to take drastic measures such as legal action against your company. Please send the supplies within the time stipulated to avoid lengthy court battles and loss of faith in your services. We look forward to your timely response and the delivery of the goods within the additional time granted.


Ms. Haggerty.