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Write a 250-word (minimum) reflection on the classical argument paper. Discuss what you have learned during the the classical argument paper assignment and how it will assist you in upcoming papers. Include your strategies for capitalizing on your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses in order to become a successful writer

Reflection on Classical Argument Paper

Learning Outcomes

The most important lesson from the classical argument paper is the effects of the student loans in the country. Student loans have accumulated to more than a trillion dollars over the last decade. A national debt of this level is detrimental to the economic progress of the nation. The constraints placed on the current generation further compounds the situation. Majority of young people have huge student loans to pay off. The entry-level wages have stagnated, which means it will take longer for these individuals to pay off their debts.  

A generational comparison shows that the current generation of young people is economically worse off than their parents’ generation. During the 70s and 80s, young people who had completed their college education were able to afford cars and homes. They did not have student loans crippling their economic and social progress. However, their children are unable to move out of their parents’ home let alone buy a house or a car. The wages they receive after completion of their college education do not correspond to the amount of their student loans. Unfortunately, most of these individuals will be repaying their student loans even during their retirement years.

Strategies for becoming a Successful Writer

From the paper, research is the ultimate tool in becoming a successful writer. The tool provides one with the necessary information to engage the reader at a meaningful level. Research also enables one to learn how to formulate points in a simplistic manner so that the reader can read and understand with ease. More refined research skills will enable me to capitalize on my writing strengths.

The paper has a coherent flow, which I should employ in my own writing. The flow is natural and it makes the paper easier to read and understand. The writer has ensured that his ideas are flowing effortlessly. Having a coherent flow of ideas in my essays is usually a big problem for me. I shall have to work on the flow of my ideas to become a better writer.