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You are supposed to conduct the assessment from the point of view of a private security agent. Your investigation of the property must include an assessment of asset protection and potential threats or vulnerabilities. Your assessment should: Include the techniques that you use during your investigation. Describe the techniques used and why you chose to use them. Conduct a security risk assessment of the Convention Center as a private security agent. Assess the protection of assets at this location, potential threats, or vulnerabilities. Would your assessment be only for the Convention Center, or should it encompass other sites that could impact the center's needs? Create a plan of recommendations for improving the property in terms of safety, financial protection, and overall security. What benefits do you think would result from your proposed changes? Explore some of the current issues facing the private security and investigation industry. What impact do these issues have on investigation practices? Analyze why it is important to conduct legal and ethical private investigation and security practices. What consequences may occur if illegal or unethical practices are followed?

Security Risk Assessment of Convention Center


The purpose of this report is to detail a security investigation carried out on the Centervale Convention Center. The City of Centervale has proposed that a major political convention be held at this site. The center is recommended because it can comfortably sit 900 people. This is the expected number of people who will be attending the political convention. Owing to the importance of the convention and the number of people who will be attending the event, security is the most pertinent issue for the city. The city has requested a security risk assessment on the property to determine if security is guaranteed for the public as well as for the money that will be collected during the event. The investigation will encompass the assessment of the strengths and security vulnerabilities inherent in the convention center. The city is also asking for recommendations on how to reduce any security threats prior to the event.

 The techniques used in this investigation will include observing the building for any physical security breaches. The investigation will also conduct surveys on the employees at the center to determine what they think about the security level of the convention center. This information will be essential in determining security issues that are not immediately observable in the building. Questionnaires will be given to the employees and management of the convention center with the aim of bringing to light each side’s view on security issues at the complex.

Security Risk Assessment

ü Protection of Assets

There are various ways that assets are protected in the convention center. The center has a CCTV that was installed in 1993 and an alarm system that was added to the system in 1998. These security gadgets are focused at the doors of the center. The financial assets at the convention center are located in the manager’s office. The door is protected by a cipher lock and the cash s kept in passcode cash safe.

ü Potential Threats

According to Landoll and Landoll (2005), one of the biggest potential threats for the convention is crowd management. As this will be a political convention, emotions are expected to ride high and there is a strong possibility for protests from opposing political parties. A protest at such an event can quickly turn violent leaving the people inside trapped and unable to leave. Robberies are also a potential threat since there will be a lot of cash being handled on the day of the event at the center.

Other potential threats include fires, hurricanes, and terrorist activities. The security team employed for the event should be on high alert for terrorist activities. Terrorist threats are at an all-time high meaning that the security team should also know how to identify and avert terrorist threats.

ü Vulnerabilities

One of the main vulnerabilities of the convention center is that there are too many entry points. There are nine sets of double doors at the front of the building. There is also a loading dock behind the center with a set of double doors. The several entry points can be dangerous especially if the security team is stretched while covering the main entry points. The loading dock entry point is extremely dangerous as anyone can enter without being noticed by the security guards.

The surveillance system is too old to be able to cater adequately to the security needs of the convention center. The system was installed in 1993 and further adjustments were made in 1998. The aged system might be incapable of identifying contemporary security threats especially considering the number of entry points in the center.

The cash safe is protected by a passcode while the manager’s door has a cipher lock. With tremendous advancements in technology, these security measures may not be sufficient at protecting the cash when highly skilled robbers attempt to break in. The thieves nowadays use complex technology to break into the most impenetrable safes in the world. Thus, a passcode and a cipher lock may be easy pickings for experienced robbers.

Another security vulnerability is the entry point to the workers booth. It is alarming that there are instances when employees have to knock on the booth until one of their fellow co-workers opens for them. If a violent protest were occurring outside, many employees would be injured because they do not have access to the nearest safe place, their booth.


ü Safety

The safety of everyone at the convention is the most important security consideration. In case there is a violent protest outside the center owing to the political convention or a hurricane that is wreaking havoc outside the center, it is best for the people inside to remain inside the walls of the convention center. This will ensure that the violent protests do not escalate beyond the control of law enforcement agencies.

The cafeteria in the convention center should remain open so that if people are stuck inside they can still access food and water. The city should also make available emergency sleeping arrangements for the people if they are trapped inside. It is also recommended for the city to hire a disaster recovery firm that can help the attendees in case an emergency occurs (Zimmerman, 2012).

Evacuation drills prior to the event are also instrumental in ensuring the safety of the attendees of the political convention and the employees of the center. The evacuation drills should be conducted with the top managers to ensure everyone understands how to vacate the building in case of an emergency. This way, the management can help the members of the public in evacuating the center if an emergency occurs on the day of the convention (Zimmerman, 2012).

It is also recommended that some of the entry points be sealed for the convention. This will ensure that the security team in charge of frisking individuals entering the center is not stretched beyond its limits. This will guarantee efficiency in identifying and dealing with security threats that may be present at the center. The doors to the loading dock should be locked so that no one can creep into the center unnoticed.

Surveillance systems need to be updated so that every entry point is monitored by a CCTV camera. Every entry point should be electronically surveyed in real time to ensure that no security threats are missed (Boyle and Haggerty, 2009). There should also be a surveillance system at the manager’s office door. The surveillance system should have multiple control units decreasing the chances of the system coming under attack from hackers or robbers who overpower the security offices at the center. The improved surveillance system will add an extra layer of security for the convention.

The cash safe needs to be protected with more efficient security measures than a passcode and a cipher door. World-class security systems need to be placed inside the manager’s office to ensure that no one can break into the cash safe, no matter how skilled they are in breaking into safes.

Current Issues Facing Private Security and Investigation Industry and Their Impacts

Some of the problems facing the private security and investigation industry include poor business practice, dishonesty in carrying out investigations, and abuse of authority. In addition, there is lack of proper structures for public complaints (Boyle and Haggerty, 2009). There is also an issue of quality control, as most of the private security firms are not properly licensed. These issues have had the effect of increased mistrust between the private security companies and the public.   


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