Subject: History
Topic: War on Drugs and the Great Lockdown
Language: English (U.S.)
Pages: 1
Discuss the emergence on the war on drugs and the great lockdown and its impact on the African American community

The War on Drugs

The war on drugs is a campaign of military intervention, prohibition of drugs and military aid to reduce the prevalence of illegal drug trade. The campaign was started by President Richard Nixon in 1971 with the hope that the illegal drug trade could finally be eradicated. However, the war on drugs has had contradictory results especially for African Americans. The war on drugs has also been counter-productive in that drugs are becoming cheaper while at the same time improving in quality. Drug use is becoming more prevalent now than it was before the campaign started. What is of major concern to the society is the fact that the war has resulted in the mass incarceration of young African American males, leading America to become the country with the biggest prison numbers in the world. Most of the prisoners are African American males who are from poor backgrounds (Doblin & Nicosia, 2009). In addition, the war on drugs has led to millions of African Americans having permanent criminal records once they arrested for minor drug offences. Having a drug record strips them of their voting rights as well as denying them employment opportunities. The families of these young men are also broken up due to their incarceration. More African American children grow up in a single parent household compared to slavery times. The effect of the war on drugs is the creation of a permanent underclass of people with lack of access to educational and employment opportunities.