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Write an essay on Native American Stereotypes

Native American Stereotypes

The most pervasive stereotype of Native Americans is that this group of people is that they are savages. Prevalent images of American Indians killing or capturing white people had the impact of sensationalizing the white majority against the American Indians. The images usually show American Indian males of brutish strength capturing a White woman, who it was believed would experience unspeakable horrors at the hands of the savages.

The message in such radical images was clearly a one-sided message. The images depicted the brutality of war at that time as a direct consequence of the savagery of Native Americans. What these images do not show is the pain and suffering and almost complete annihilation of the Native Americans by the White society. The Whites killed the Native Americans, and did not even have the decency to spare the women and the children. The women and children were defenseless so there is no way of claiming that the white man was killing them and taking them captive for his own protection. There are so many perverse images showing the brutality of Native Americans yet there is hardly a picture demonstrating the brutality of the white man on the American Indians.