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Create an informational tool that you will hand to a legislator about the pros of your selected policy yo convey a recommended course of legislative action to change public policy that contributes to the greater good of health care.

Public Marijuana Smoking

The purpose of this informational tool is to provide some of the benefits of legalizing the smoking of medical marijuana in public. The policy has worked in Ontario (Ferguson, 2015) and I believe that our state will benefit as well. The State legalized the consumption, sale, and purchase of medical marijuana in February last year. This enactment of this policy was a major game changer in many fields including medicine and politics. Thanks to this monumental decision, millions of people in the State who are suffering from various painful ailments such as cancer can now access medical marijuana, a scientifically proven pain reliever. The decision was an important milestone in recognizing the legitimacy of marijuana as a medicinal herb rather than a drug.

However, the law prohibits the smoking of marijuana in public places severely undermining the impact that the law can have in improving people’s lives. People who have been prescribed medical marijuana can only use it in the confines of their home or in hiding. If they do it in hiding and are caught by law enforcement officers, chances are they might be taken to jail or fined. These are the same people who suffer from agonizing pain as a result of their various ailments. These people are left at a conundrum as a result of the policies that bar them from smoking the medicine in public. Many choose to stay at home where they can smoke when the need arises, significantly decreasing the quality of their lives.

For this reason, I propose that a new policy be implemented that allows patients to smoke vaporized medical marijuana in public areas. The ability to smoke even when carrying out their daily duties will ensure that they live normal lives despite the dilapidating diseases they may suffer from. They can continue being productive members of the society, which will significantly increase the quality of their lives. In short, their lives do not need to stop because they cannot use a pain reliever while at work or while strolling in the park.  


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