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Students must find a specific job posting open posted online within the last 9 months. You will develop a Job Application Cover Letter (as though you were applying to that position) that highlights and emphasizes why you are the most suitable candidate.(MY TYPE OF JOB IS MANAGEMENT IN HUMAN RESOUCRES)

Belinda Geere

125 Maselle Street

Springview 4444

T: (00) 4431 0000

M: 0521 274356



Lucy Millow

HR Head of Department

P.O. Box 445

Purpletown 4567

Dear Ms. Lucy Millow, 

RE: HR Manager- Ref No 121501752

Having extensive knowledge in the human resource field, I would like to tender my job application for your consideration. I am looking forward to furthering my skills and I believe that the job advertised by your company is the best way of achieving this. For this reason, I would like to formally express my interest in the human resource managerial vacancy posted on the LinkedIn website on 17 February 2016. 

My educational background includes a BSc in HR Management, an MBA in HR, as well as CHRM certification. My extensive educational background as well as my work experience has exposed me specifically to the field of staffing techniques, provision of intrinsic motivation to the employees, and the science of collective bargaining. All these sub-fields form an integral part of the overall human resource management. I am interested in extending my professional horizons by seeking new challenges in these specific fields. In addition, my professional experience that has spanned more than a decade has equipped me with a broad range of skills and expertise. These skills have sharpened my problem-solving capabilities as well as enabled me to work with diverse groups of people with different cultures and mindsets.

I am also self-driven, compassionate towards others, diplomatic and efficient in carrying out my HR duties. I believe that my strong skill set and years of experience will make me the perfect candidate for this position. 

In my current position as a human resource assistant at the National Bank of India, I have demonstrated commitment to improving staffing relations in the company. I have developed a system whereby employees can bring forth their complaints and disgruntles without any fear of repercussion or discrimination. The system has led to a 45% reduction in the amount of time wasted on paid leaves. In addition, listening to the employees’ complaints has helped reduce the number of conflicts in the company by nearly 62%. 

I am highly organized, opting to ensure that my duties flow seamlessly from the start to the end of the day. I carry out tasks based on a priority basis and ensure that my superiors are aware of my progress in each task that I am undertaking. I am also always eager to help other employees when they feel that their workload is too much. In retrospect, my success in the company is due to my commitment to the strengthening of the company and its eventual success. 

Early last year, I was in charge of coordinating an evaluation of the company’s personnel management practices. Additionally, I reviewed job descriptions of the employable positions against the actual work being done by the employees in those positions. The evaluation led to the discovery of some managerial practices that were negatively affecting the morale of the employees. Review of the job descriptions indicated that some employees were doing much more than what they bargained for. I presented my findings to the management, and it has begun implementing my recommendations. The result is a more motivated workforce who now believes that their voices can be heard. The HR is also providing a supportive workplace for the company’s most critical resource, the employees.  

To further acquaint you with the specifics of my professional and educational backgrounds, I have enclosed my resume for your review. I also welcome the opportunity for us to meet and discuss more about this interesting opportunity.  


Belinda Geere