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Have you ever wished that you had all the resources you needed to take a trip anywhere in the world that you wanted to go? Most of us fantasize about boarding a plane, or train, or cruise ship and heading for the destination of a lifetime. However, the truth is that such a trip takes immense planning, and it will involve many different types of technology to get you from home to paradise. For this Unit 8 Assignment you will create an itinerary for JUST YOU for a two week trip to any destination of your choice. Yes, for this trip, you are traveling alone.  Choose your destination. The only restriction is that the destination must be outside of the 48 contiguous United States (i.e. not Hawaii or Alaska).  Imagine that you have all of the financial resources you need, and a two week vacation from your job and university courses. Family and significant others wish you well as you take this well-deserved solo vacation.  Determine the best way to get to your destination, and set up the travel arrangements to and from. You may also need transportation while you are at your destination, so arrange that too.  Plan out the activities you want to do while you are at the destination of your dreams.  Plan for the trip home.  You might already have the return transportation arranged, but how will you get to the train depot or the air or seaport?  How will you prepare for an uneventful encounter with the Transportation Security Administration or other Customs checks?  Write the itinerary in essay form as a Microsoft Word document. The minimum length should be 4-5 pages, plus a title page and a reference page for the list of websites or other resources you used to plan the trip.

Itinerary for Travelling to Italy

      I.           Introduction

The purpose of this paper is to provide an itinerary for travel plans to my holiday destination of choice. The paper will encompass the technology used in helping me find the right destination, how to get to the destination, where to eat and what to see while at the destination as well as where to dine. The paper will also demonstrate how I used technology to find the right transportation out of my destination and back to my country of origin.

   II.           Destination

It is very difficult to select a holiday destination for one person because the choices are endless. For this reason, I enlisted the help of the Internet to help me locate a destination that was just perfect for me. The Internet proved to be a useful resource when searching for the right destination for my upcoming two-week holiday. There are several websites that give suggestions to readers on the best holiday destinations. I used a search engine to find websites that could give me ideas on the perfect holiday destination for people who are travelling alone. The best website for finding the perfect holiday destination belongs to the company Thomas Cook.  

I chose the website because the company is a well-known agent for licensed Tour operators. In addition, I was confident that if I made any payments to the company, the payments would be secure. This is because all of the all flight inclusive holidays on the website are financially protected by a scheme known as the ATOL scheme.

From this website, I found two prospective holiday destinations, Italy and Egypt. The website has lovely pictures of the destinations that are simply breathtaking and enticing. After going through the website thoroughly, I finally settled on Italy as my preferred holiday destination.

There are several factors that aided me in settling for Italy. The predominant factor in my selection of Italy was price. According to the website, Italy was significantly cheaper than Egypt for many of the holiday destinations that were on offer. This means that I could travel across Italy for a lot less than I would in Egypt.

I also had security concerns while looking for the perfect holiday. With the recent increase in terrorism across the world, I needed to find a place where tourist security is paramount to the government officials. After weighing the security issues of both nations, Italy emerged as the more secure place to visit for a two-week period. In addition, our country’s diplomatic relations with Italy were stronger than with Egypt owing to the latter’s contempt of Western countries.

 III.           Transportation to and from Destination

To find the best means of transport to Italy, I used Google Search and the key words ‘best transportation to Italy’. I had two transport options for travelling to Italy. There was air transport and there was also the option of taking a cruise to Italy. Air is obviously the safest and most comfortable way that I could reach Italy for my holiday. It was also the best form of transportation for leaving the country back into the United States. I chose air transport because I have been sea sick a couple of times before and I would not want nausea to ruin a perfectly good  holiday. I settled on Emirates Airlines because I have heard several of my friends say that they are one of the most luxurious airlines to fly with.

 IV.           Accommodation and Dining

When looking for the best tourist accommodations in Italy, I used Thomas Cook and Trip Advisor. Trip Advisor is a website where customers review the various establishments that they have visited and rate the customer service, ambience, price, and quality of service. These reviews are very helpful in determining where to go and where not to visit. Thomas Cook also has its own system for rating various dining and lodging establishments.

Trip Advisor and Thomas Cook both concurred that the best hotel to stay in for my two-week holiday was Grand Hotel Angiolieri in Seiano, Neapolitan Riviera. The hotel has received more than 500 excellent reviews from visitors all over the world. In addition, the hotel’s rates are well within my budget. There is also a nearby airport, which is only an hour’s drive from the hotel.

   V.           Things to do

I utilized the internet again to discover some of the fun things I could do while in Italy. One blog site in particular caught my attention, The Wanderbug. In this blog, the author gives the readers a list of recommendations of things to do while in the country. The author intimated that the best way to enjoy the full glory of Italy was to travel to different cities.

The first place I will go to is Cinque Terre so that I can see the villages of Monterosso and Vernazza. I chose Vernazza because of its rich history, while Monterosso has the best beach in the entire Cinque Terre. I will spend three days touring the beautiful five other villages of Cinque Terre. From Cinque Terre, I would make my way to Milan, the fashion capital of the world. This would only be a small stopover so that I can see the white Duomo and walk along its top. From here, I would spend two nights in Verona, take a day trip to Venice, and move on to Florence where I would stay for three days. I would then proceed to Rome where I would stay for four nights where I will book a tour and get a real feel for the city.

Through a travel app that I downloaded onto my iPhone I found that I could get from Vernazza to Monterosso by train, which would only take me ten minutes. Using the same app, I learned that I could take an early train from Riomaggiore to La Spezia then to Milan and the trip would take me about three hours. I will then take the Metro to the white Duomo and use the same means to get back.

In all of these adventures, I will take photographs and videos using my iPhone. I will upload the photographs and videos to my social media accounts when I reach the hotel after my various excursions.  

 VI.           Back to the real world

To get back home, I will go to the Emirates website and book a ticket. To get to the airport, there is an app for reaching taxi drivers within my vicinity. The taxi driver selected can take me to the airport for a bargain price.

Technology will help me readjust back to my normal life in a myriad of ways. Firstly, the photos that I uploaded using my technologically superior phone will help me remember all the fun times I had while in Italy. Secondly, technology will also help me adjust to the day light savings by automatically adjusting my phone clock. In addition, there are now apps that can help with jet lag issues.

VII.           Conclusion

Planning for a trip is not easy especially when one is planning for a holiday abroad. One needs to cover all the bases including transport to and from the destination, accommodation, where to eat, what to see, as well as transportation throughout the chosen destination. Technology has saved me a lot of headache because the information is readily available on the Internet. I was able to find the best airline, the best accommodation, and the best places to see with a simple click of the button. Even the transportation throughout Italy is easy to access thanks to modern technology thereby greatly reducing the chances that I would get lost in the beautiful country.