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Create a timeline that shows four technological developments that have had an impact on the way that people seek out marriage or life partners. The timeline should cover the period between 1900 and the present.

Technology and Relationship Forming

Before the advent of Facebook, people were still finding love on the internet and with other forms of technology. Technology has played a huge role in how the world views love and how relationships are formed. Nevertheless, it seems that the internet has played the biggest role in the propagation of love across the world.  

Online Chat Rooms

The early days of the Internet brought with them dating chat rooms such as AOL, MySpace, and MSN Messenger. During the 1990s, individuals in America would sign-up and chat for as long as they wanted. They would form personal relationships and even meet off-line to take the relationships to the next level. These chat rooms became the favorite for not only teenagers in campus but also stay-at-home moms (Dewey, 2014). 

E-mail and AIM/Cell Phones

The new millennium brought with it the E-mail and the AIM. This technology was very popular amongst young couples who were forced to go to different campuses. The e-mail and the AIM were more popular than the mobile phone calls because of the latter’s exorbitant roaming fees. Later, the cell phone companies reduced their rates making it inexpensive to call other states. The lowering of the cost made cell phones more popular amongst couples (Edgerton, 2006).

Text messages

With the popularity of the cell phone increasing, couples, and even single people began to experiment with texting one another. Texting was seen to be more popular because it was easier to write a text, messaging back was instanteous, and sending a text was cheaper than making a phone call. Surprisingly, texting was developed as a way to aid the hearing impaired to communicate more effectively. This led to a new revolution known as ‘sex texting’, which primarily involves writing raunchy text messages to one another. 

Social Networking Sites

Sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter have also been a fertile ground for new relationships. However, there are concerns that these relationships are unhealthy and do not last for too long owing to the duplicitous nature of individuals in these sites (Dewey, 2014). In addition, these sites are mainly used as ‘hook-up’ areas whereby people talk with the purpose of sleeping together at some point rather than for starting a romantic relationship with someone (Haare, 2013). 


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