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Write a procedural email message to employees reminding them of standard operating procedures or organizational changes that take the form of step-by-step instructions. Be creative, or use an issue applicable to your work environment.





DATE: 15/1/2016

Dear Employees of Kruger’s Restaurant,

The purpose of this internal e-mail is to inform you of the new standard operating procedures that have been developed. The SOP has been developed in order to promote personal hygiene in the restaurant and to ensure that healthy practices are adhered to in every circumstance. We in the food industry need to adhere to certain rules so that we protect our customers’ health.

The following is a standard operating procedure for the handling of food and beverages in the restaurant.

Whom the SOP targets:

·       The SOP targets every employee in the company but specifically the new employees. It also targets the veteran employees that are directly involved in the handling of food and beverages.

·       As such, every employee in the company needs to review this e-mail on a regular basis.

·       To increase the effectiveness of this SOP, new employees will be divided into teams with each team having a group leader. The team leader is meant to ensure that the rest of his teammates adhere to the procedures described in this briefing. A checklist will be provided to the team leader so that he/she may sign off on the new recruits.

Standard Operating Procedures:

All the employees need to regularly wash their hands in the kitchen hand sinks. There are two hand sinks in the kitchen and the management believes that these will be sufficient enough for all the employees. NOTE: Employees are not allowed to wash their hands at the mop, food or dishwashing sinks as this may increase the chances of them contracting germs from these surfaces. The hand washing guidelines include:

·       Ensure the water you use to wash your hands is as hot as you can tolerate. Hot water helps in the killing of germs.  

·       Ensure that you soap both your hands and lower forearms.

·       Then scrub both parts for at least forty seconds then rinse with the running hot water.

·       Dry your hands with a clean paper towel that are always available beside the faucet.

·       To avoid recontamination, use a paper towel to turn off the taps of the faucet.

Times to Wash Hands:

·       All employees are expected to wash their hands at the beginning of each of their shifts.

·       All employees are supposed to wash their hands every time they use the toilet.

·       After touching hair or other body parts except hands and forearms that have been thoroughly washed.

·       When preparing food to reduce the chances of cross-contamination. In this instance, washing of hands needs to be done as often as possible.

·       After touching raw food and before proceeding to handle ready to eat food.

·       After using handkerchief, drinking, smoking, sneezing and coughing

·       When in the process of changing gloves.

·       After handling chemicals, trash and other such like activities.

Who will guarantee that hand washing is carried out effectively in the restaurant:

·       As mentioned earlier, the new employees will be divided into groups, each with a team leader. The team leader is supposed to constantly monitor and remind the new employees and even the old ones about proper hand washing methods.

·       Monitoring the employees should be done discreetly and not with the aim of embarrassing one or more of the staff members. The team leader is advised to pay special attention to individuals who might have a cold or a cough and advise them to wash their hands regularly. In addition, the team leader will need to pay special attention to individuals who handle raw food, those who are constantly in between the handling of raw food then cooked food, and the dishwashers. These individuals are constantly under threat of contracting germs and spreading them. The team leader should ensure that the employees in these vulnerable groups are constantly washing their hands in between their duties. The team leader should just be there to serve as a polite reminder of how the company expects these individuals to behave.

·       The team leaders will also be expected to monitor the hand sinks in the kitchen during every shift to ensure the necessary supplies are at hand for proper hand washing practices. These supplies include paper towels, hand-wash, soap, as well as scrubbing materials.

·       The team leaders may also be expected to provide hand sanitizers at different stations in the kitchen where they are needed the most. This will help reduce the queue at the kitchen hand sinks and also lessen the interruption caused by the need for the kitchen workers to constantly wash their hands.

·       The restaurant accountant will also be mandated to set aside enough funds for recurrent expenditure on hand-washing materials such as paper towels, disinfectants, gloves, soaps, and hand-wash bottles.

·       The management is also looking for contractors to supply the machines used in the drying of hands after hand-washing. This is in a bit to reduce the use of paper towels because the company needs to go green. By reducing the number of paper towels used by employees, the company is reducing its carbon footprint.

Solving Disputes/ Problems related to hand washing

·       If any disputes arise as a result of the regulations set in the SOP then the team leader has to be consulted. If the team leader is part of the dispute then the matter should be emailed to the human resource department immediately.

·       Team leaders need to give advice and properly train employees who do not seem to be adhering to the hand-washing guidelines set in this SOP. He must also notify the HR department if there is a problem with the SOP or if there is a problem that he cannot solve through training or providing counsel.