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Looking to obtain a Doctorate’s of Business Administration Write a personal statement (see below) Explain how your professional experience and academic background make you an ideal candidate for doctoral study (one page). I have several years of experience in several business related backgrounds. Describe your specific area of interest. Explain how conducting research in this area will help you fulfill your career objectives (one page). My career objective is to become an educator at the higher education level that teaches Business related courses. Describe your future career goals upon completion of this program (one page). My career objective is to become an educator at the higher education level that teaches Business related courses.

Personal Statement

Having several years of experience in business related backgrounds, I believe that I am a suitable candidate for obtaining the Doctorate of Business Administration. My educational background has also provided me with a formidable foundation to venture into different business sectors and excel in them. Some of my educational achievements include an AA Degree in Liberal Arts in 2010, BA Degree in HRM in 2014,and a Master’s in BA in 2015.

Currently a Florida Licensed Real Estate Agent, I have had innumerous experience in the business field as a business professional. For instance, I worked as a Voucher Examiner in the Department of Veteran Affairs. Under this capacity, I was tasked with reviewing claims to point out instances of fraud, abuse, or waste. I was also responsible for ensuring that all the claims had the pertinent information so that they may be processed. I was also entrusted with verifying claims to ensure their genuineness as well as analyzing medical claims with medical coding techniques such as the ICD-9-CM. Another major responsibility was to protect the printed and electronic files that contained sensitive data from corruption, unauthorized altering, or leakage to unauthorized individuals or groups.

Previously, I had also worked as the Management and Program Analyst in the Department of the Navy. My main responsibilities in the department included conducting preliminary research, data gathering, and analysis in preparation for graduate level meetings including the Enterprise Performance Review and Analysis. I was also responsible for identifying trends and issues in the data collected using Microsoft Office software. Other duties included assisting the Career Development Office with developing various development projects as well as creating training manual on Open Architecture from Defense Acquisition for University level courses.

Prior to this job, I had also worked as a Retail Sales Consultant at AT&T and a mortgage loan processor. Through these jobs, I gained a lot of experience in customer care service, analyzing the credit needs for both potential home owners and cellular clients and meeting and surpassing the client needs as well as reaching the set targets for the respective companies.

Specific Area of Interest

My specific area of interest is a combination of both business and education. I would like to become a lecturer of one or more business related courses in one of the prestigious universities in the country. I enjoy teaching because I love to interact with students. They are creative, energetic, and are constantly thirsting for knowledge. Teaching such students the different business practices from around the world will give me an excellent opportunity to impart knowledge to these young minds with the hope that they will receive the knowledge required and change some of the unfair business practices that we have presently. 

A Doctorate of Business Administration will provide me with the necessary research that I need to understand how business practices are taught at the university level. The research that I will conduct will also help me understand the various issues surrounding business learning in schools. These issues include gender disparity, the notion that business courses are only meant to help one make profits, and the lack of entrepreneurial spirit in the university. I also believe that the Doctorate of Business Administration will widen my scope in business studies into areas that I have not been able to delve in academically or professionally. These areas include Sustainable Development, Family Business, Leadership Coaching, Change Management, and Strategy and Innovation.

Most importantly, the DBA research will help me with my publication record thereby increasing the chances of me getting a teaching job at one of the most prestigious higher learning institutions in the country. Getting a tenure track position in the country in a prestigious institution of higher learning is very competitive. The DBA will increase my publication record and my academic credentials putting me in the front line of the competition.

Career Goals:

My main career goal after the completion of the DBA program is to attain a tenure track position in the business faculty of a leading institution of higher learning in the country. A tenure track position will give me the impetus and the opportunity to continue carrying out research on my area of interest i.e. business and education. I hope that this research can contribute significantly to changing the business practices that we currently have and which have created problems that we are currently grappling with.

Secondly, I want to be an accomplished author with the help of my DBA. Having a DBA and a tenure track position will allow publishers to view me as an academic authority in the areas of my research. As such, they will be more willing to publish my research and even financially support me in conducting more extensive research in the areas of business and education that interest me. This is similar to what Robert Wilson, the renowned academician, has been able to accomplish. He has several research papers under his belt that have been published by the top Business journals in America such as Econometrica.

Finally, I would like to work in conjunction with the government to conduct research that actually changes business practices in the country. I hope that the government will fund my research as I seek to develop new business practices that are in line with contemporary business models as some of the practices have become severely outdated. I would like to follow in the footsteps of my academic hero, Robert Wilson who together with fellow academicians re-structured game theory to include government auctions. Their research led to a successful design of auctions that the government could use such as the successful allocation of the country’s telecommunication spectrum through auctions.