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Are hard copy library materials outdated? Imagine that you are a librarian in an elementary school. A wealthy benefactor has offered to replace every hard copy book in your library with all of the technology needed to switch to a digital copy system. What do you think would be the two most important benefits that this shift would provide to classroom teachers and to the students? Describe at least two negative impacts that this shift to digital books would have on teachers and students

The Technological Revolution

The shift from hard copy library materials to digital copy can bring several benefits to the classroom teachers and the students. For starters, the issue of scarcity of resources reduces significantly and might even be eradicated all together because of the digital migration. There is usually a limited supply of books in the library. The children have to share the books and in some instances take turns using the books. This constraint of limited resources reduces the efficacy of the teaching and learning efforts. With digital copies of the books, the students can access the books from a variety of sources meaning they do not have to share the books. Teaching and learning become more efficient as a result.   

Secondly, the digital migration affords the school the opportunity to have a diverse range of reading material. Developing reading skills in children is often hampered by the lack of diverse reading materials that the children can access. Digitalization of the library will provide an excellent opportunity for the children to be exposed to a wide range of reading material that have varying degrees of reading difficulty and appealing to different fields.

One major problem with the switch to digital copies of the books is that the school will need to invest in training the teachers on how to access and utilize the digital books. This training is time and labor intensive as well as expensive especially if the benefactor is offering complex systems to the school’s library. It will also take time to instruct the children on how to access the digitized books and how to use them. Another major disadvantage is that children will be denied the opportunity to use books for their learning. Elementary school children need hard copy books in order to grasp fully the information being passed along through the reading material. They need to see the pictures to comprehend fully the information being offered.