Subject: Philosophy
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1. Who has the more important "rights" claim (pregnant woman, fetus, father, etc.) in abortion and why 2. Is terrorism ever justified? 3. Do businesses have any obligations other than profits? Use examples in your answer to critically evaluate this question. 4. Examine the arguments for and against sexual freedom. State your view and carefully justify it making reference to the distinction between private and public. 5. "The environment and the animals in it are a resource for human beings to use as they see fit." Do you agree with this claim? Say why or why not and carefully define and justify the principles that ground your view.


1.     In my opinion, the fetus has the more important rights in an abortion scenario. These rights are more important than any other party privy to the situation including the father and mother of the unborn child. The unborn child is a human being and has the right to live. The constitution guarantees every human being the right to life. Life begins at conception giving the fetus the indiscriminate right to live and experience life. The life of the unborn child should be given preference above the choice of the mother unless in extraneous circumstances whereby the mother’s life might be in danger if she continues carrying the child.

2.     Terrorism is simply unjustifiable, and the act of inflicting terror on a group of innocent civilians is reprehensible. The killing of other human beings for any other reason than self-defense is wrong and demonstrates a corruption in judgment. Terrorism is wrong because it is a violation of the basic rights that every human being is entitled to because of him or her being a human being. Theories such as consequentialism and just wars cannot justify terrorism. Terrorism cannot be judged by its consequences whether positive or negative because in the end innocent people have lost their lives, body parts, family members, and their livelihoods.

3.     Businesses have several obligations other than just making profits. Corporate social responsibility should be a mandate for any profit-making establishment. Critics of this view argue that the social obligation of any enterprise is to maximize long-term profits for its shareholders (Mataconis, 2011). However, in the making of these profits, the corporation is using both natural and man-made resources from the society. As such, the corporation is indebted to the society. It should therefore contribute to the upkeep of its resources. In a way, the corporation is giving back to the society for the resources it uses up. This is the only way such a corporation can hope to be in existence for the long-term. Otherwise, the resources needed for its longevity will be used up in the pursuit of higher profits. For example, a paper manufacturing company needs to be thoroughly invested in planting trees for the sake of both the environment, and long-term use.

4.     Sexual freedom is a fundamental human right. It entails the right for everyone to be given the opportunity to enjoy sex the way they want to within the realms of the constitution. For instance, it advocates for the rights of gay individuals to marry, the right for people to cross-dress in public, the freedom to express our sexual ideas online, and the right for everyone to have the kind of sex they desire (Nelson, 2013). I believe that everyone has the right to sexual freedom in and out of their homes as long as this freedom does not infringe on the rights and freedoms of other citizens. For instance, cross-dressing is okay both in public and in private, whereas having sex on public property is contravening the laws of the land.

5.     The environment and the animals in it are not a resource for us human beings to use as we see fit. The belief that we can use these resources as we want has led us to exterminate several animal and plant species while at the same time causing the global warming fiasco. There are several principles on which to peg my argument for conserving the environment and using its resources sparingly. These principles include precaution, rectifying pollution, and the ‘polluter pays’ principles. In addition, the only way to achieve sustained development for the entire globe is by ensuring that the environment is protected from mis-use and pollution. If we use the environment and its resources, the way we choose then the universe will not be able to sustain the human race and we could be wiped out as a result.   


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