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1. Discuss how the product reflects 2 of the macroenvironmental factors/trends found in Chapter 3 (found in the attached pdf in case you don't have the book yet).

Macro Environmental Trends

1. Discuss how the product reflects 2 of the macro environmental factors/trends found in Chapter 3

The iPhone 6s is one of the latest releases from the giant technology company Apple. It has several unique features that make the device a delight to use on a daily basis. Some of the most intriguing features of this fairly new device include the 3D Touch, the 12MP iSight camera, and the A9 chip. The A9 chip was once only found in desktop computers but the Apple engineers have been able to customize the chip an insert it into the iPhone 6s. The chip allows for faster CPU and GPU performance, which enhances the gaming experience for users who play graphic-intensive games on their mobile phones. 

Macro-environmental Trends

The iPhone 6s reflects two essential and observable macro-environmental trends. These trends include technological and cultural factors. 

 Technological trends/ factors

These factors encompass improved manufacturing methods that result in higher quality of products and better technology found in these products. The smartphone industry players are constantly trying to outdo each other by installing the latest technologies on their products. The ever-growing demand for the latest technology by consumers drives this competition amongst smartphone designers and manufacturers. The iPhone 6s has improved technology compared to previous versions of the iPhone. The 3D Touch provides the user with real time feedback by sensing how deeply the user presses the display when selecting an item. The phone also has an advanced 12 MP camera that provides up to four times the resolution provided by previous iPhone cameras. The A9 chip that could previously be found in desktop computers provides the user with 70% better CPU performance and up to 90% faster GPU performance. Lastly, the improved manufacturing methods have resulted in a better design for the iPhone 6s. The device’s enclosure is made of 7000 Series aluminum, a new alloy borrowed from the aerospace industry. The phone also utilizes the strongest and most durable cover glass ever used on a smartphone. 

 Cultural Trends

Cultural trends and factors heavily influence how consumers think in terms of what to consume and when to consume a certain product. One major cultural trend is how consumers are constantly looking for ways to reduce the time spent doing certain activities. This is because consumers are becoming time poor every day. They are constantly looking for devices and technology that can help them save on time. The iPhone 6s has tapped into this need by introducing the 3D Touch feature that enables the phone to sense how important a tab or a selection is by the intensity with which the user taps on the item. 

2. Additionally, explain how important you feel that these two trends are, and why they may be long lasting.

Technological trends will be long lasting, as consumers are practically obsessed with improved technology. Consumers want the latest technology that can help them save time. Having the latest technology is also part of the culture of the people. People are inherently socially competitive beings. They want to be better than their neighbors, friends, and workmates and they can achieve this by having the latest devices. 

Cultural trends will also be long lasting in macro-environment analysis. Consumers are poor in time and they highly value their leisure time. Consumers are also becoming busier in their lifetimes with scarcely any time to relax. For this reason, the consumers will continue to increasingly demand for products that can help them save on time. Businesses will be driven towards producing time saving products if they want to remain competitive in the market. The smartphone industry needs to produce constantly technology that can help consumers save on time and the use of 3D Touch technology is just one example of how cultural factors are influencing how Apple manufactures its devices.