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Discuss the Internal and External Communication for SGA

Internal and External Communication for SGA


Effective communication is essential for any organization and the SGA is no exception. Efficient communication is always at the background of any successful organization. The section has been divided into the internal and external communication sections to help the target audience appreciate they myriad of problems faced within the individual facets of communication in the organization. 

The internal and external communication section entails the current communication infrastructure that has been put in place in the Student Government Association. The section will detail some of the current problems facing the SGA in regards to communication from and into the organization. The section will also discuss how these shortfalls have affected the effectiveness of the organization in dispelling its duties to the students at the campus.  

Current Communications


Internal communication refers to the communication within the organization i.e. communication between the organization’s administration and members of staff. Currently, there is an overwhelming lack of internal communication within the SGA. This has caused a strain in the working relationships of the members of staff and other stakeholders. This lack of cohesive communication has rendered the organization practically useless in developing programs for the organization and seeing these programs to their completion. The lack of proper internal communication has also resulted in wrangles within the organization. The students and the school’s administration have become reluctant in engaging with the SGA as a result of the poor communication standards within the organization. 

The main form of communication within the organization is oral communication. One member communicates instructions from the top orally to other members. The problem with oral communication is that there is sure to be a communication breakdown along the line. Instructions given orally often overlap causing a lot of confusion in the offices of the SGA.

About three months ago, the chair of the organization created a Whatsapp group for the organization. This was in a bid to communicate instructions, updates on programs and activities to every member of the organization at once. The move was also meant to ensure that everyone would get SGA memos in time as well as to invite members of staff to comment on SGA policies and programs. In essence, he wanted every member to be able to share their opinions on SGA practices and brainstorm on ways of revamping the organization.

He invited all of the staff members to join the group but the move was met with a luke-warm response. Members did not reply to the messages he was sending around the group. In instances where he texted group members seeking recommendations to improve the organization, none of the members responded. It is no surprise that the group’s Whatsapp page has been dormant for more than three months now. In this bleak atmosphere, it is impossible to hire new staff members as they are all aware of the constant wrangles within the SGA administration. 


The external communication includes communication from the organization towards target audiences outside the organization. The SGA has a website that allows students and members of the administration to communicate with the organization. The students are advised to use the website to communicate with the organization in case they have queries, complaints, or suggestions for the SGA. The website was also designed to inform members of the student body on any new events that have been developed by the SGA. 

The website has not been updated for years and there are complaints among the student body that the SGA staff members do not respond to queries or complaints posted on the website. The website is also very difficult to navigate making many students lose hope in attempting to reach the SGA members. The SGA members themselves do not post information on the website. Our company had a look at the website and discovered that the latest post on the site was updated nearly five months ago. As such, the website has now become redundant and the same shall happen to the organization if the communication channels are not improved.   

The SGA communicates to other university organizations through hand-written letters. During our investigations, we discovered that some of these letters do not reach the other university organizations. They are written but never posted due to the constant wrangles in the SGA’s internal docket. In addition, our consultancy firm discovered that there has been a chronic shortage of communication between SGA and other university organizations within the last year or so. 

It seems that the SGA has reduced its outreach programs to other university organizations. These programs are essential as they pave the way for intra-university interaction where students from the different departments interact and learn a lot from each other. The programs also boost the competitiveness of each department in different areas such as sports and education. SGA’s reluctance to communicate with other student organizations has led to a lack of coordination of competitive events in the school such as sports competitions. 

In conclusion, the lack of proper communication to the student body has made many students reluctant to bring forward their complaints to the SGA. The SGA has failed in its mandate to keep the student body abreast with the programs that it is initiating as well as addressing the issues that members of the student body are facing. In addition, the SGA’s attempt to improve the quality of higher education in the institution goes unnoticed due to the poor communication structure within and without the organization.