Subject: Computer Sciences and Information Technology
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In thinking about the impact of technologies in your life from your childhood on, write a short autobiography that details your experiences with technologies and makes a claim about what your interactions with technology say about you as a person today. Base your autobiography on an experience that has left a lasting impression on you. Throughout your autobiography, use thoughtful plotting, vivid description, and character development to tell a compelling story about at least one significant technological moment, memory, or theme drawn from your life. Make it clear why your interactions with technology were significant in your life and how they have had an impact on the person you are today.

My Experience with Technology

My experience with technology has been very rewarding in some instances while in other instances, it has been simply underwhelming. Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by technology. We were a middle class family, and my parents would always buy the latest gadgets to keep up with the appearances of being in the middle class.

I was first exposed to technology when my father bought us the Nintendo gaming system. I was so intrigued by the game that I spent nearly every waking hour playing with it. I guess that it is no surprise that my siblings and I were constantly fighting over the game. I loved the idea of being able to control the character’s movements and the challenge of reaching another level excited me. My favorite games at that time were Power Rangers and Mario.

The fighting between my siblings and I had escalated during one Christmas and my dad was growing tired of our continuous bickering. His solution? He bought me a Nintendo Game Boy that I could play all on my own without having to fight with my siblings to get a chance to play. My mother thought the purchase was ridiculous and that it would make me anti-social. In fact, it was quite the opposite as all my friends in school had their own Game Boys. We would take them to school and connect them with cables during breaks. Our favorite game at that time was Pokémon and it was really cool playing against each other’s Pokémons. I made many friends in this manner, some of whom are still my friends even today.

At this point, I was already obsessed with video games and I spent much of my time trying to beat my own high scores. I was the best gamer in school and in my neighborhood and I was accorded a lot of respect by my peers as a result. I had finally found something I was good at, something I could excel at and my self-esteem soared as a result.

My greatest challenge with technology came with the introduction of the PC. Many of my friends had turned to playing video games on their personal computers. I did not want to be socially ostracized so I begged my parents to purchase a personal computer. My parents obviously refused to oblige my request owing to the fact that I seemed to be spending more and more time on video games than on establishing actual human connections. However, after pestering my father for weeks on end, he finally gave in and gave me his old personal computer.

I did not realize how challenging it would be to shift from console games to PC games. Playing video games on the personal computer took some real effort and for me, it took the joy out of leisure gaming. For the console, all you needed to do was purchase the games and place them in the console and you were ready to go. PC gaming was an entirely different story that required one to determine if the specifications of the game and of the computer were compatible. One also had to understand the installation processes.

The other problem was that the PC hardware required to run the games quickly became obsolete. This led to more frustrations on my part as it meant that I had to purchase continuously new PC hardware for the latest versions of the hottest games. Faced with these mounting challenges, I resulted back to playing console games. I can boast of the fact that I have had at one time or another played with every console that was ever made. I can also say that gaming has played an integral part of my life and has helped in shaping the individual that I am today.