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Describe the persuasive strategies (the Rhetoric) of the ad. Explain the purpose of the ad. How does the ad appeal to its audience? Does the ad use logos, ethos, pathos, or a combination of persuasive strategies? How does the rhetoric of the ad affect its effectiveness?

Comparative and Rhetoric Analysis of Abortion Ad

Comparative Analysis

Through our comparative analysis, we discovered that the ad focuses more on the rights of the unborn child than other advertisements. Other pro-life advertisements tend to focus on providing shocking statistics that can stir up emotions among members of the public. These statistics make us question how cruel we as a nation are especially when we see that the number of abortions are steadily increasing. In addition, other pro-life advertisements tend to bash their opponents by citing how pro-choice arguments are fundamentally flawed and how the pro-choice movement has not solved but exacerbated the problem of female discrimination, crimes against women, and crime levels in general.

Rhetoric Analysis

The advertisement uses persuasion techniques to convince the target audience that abortion is morally wrong and should be abolished on ethical grounds. The first picture illustrates that the unborn fetus is a member of the human race and deserves protection. The second picture demonstrates to the viewers that there is a lot more that the pro-choice proponents do not want the public to know about abortion especially its harmful effect on the mother. Both pictures use ethos to appeal to the public’s sentimental/ emotional side to have mercy on unborn children and abolish abortion in the country.