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Research on the general internet or in the University Library and find a BCP or DR article online relating to a Pandemic Plan, an Emergency Operations Center or a Work Area Recovery Plan. Summarize the article.

Pandemic Business Continuity Planning-Things to Consider

The purpose of this article is to elaborate on how different business segments can prepare business contingency plans in case a pandemic should occur. The business continuity planners are responsible for the planning ahead for the potential hazardous events and to advice the management on how to move forward in such a situation. The following are some of the areas of concern that the business continuity planners need to look at in order to achieve their objective.

1.     Planning

The business continuity planners have to develop crisis management plan that is specifically tailored to the pandemic that is being forecasted. The team should also develop a substitute workforce just in case the current workforce is affected by the pandemic. Absenteeism rates increase during a pandemic and it will be prudent for the team to plan for this absenteeism. The team should also lead the company in establishing ties with other companies to maintain essential business services in the event that a pandemic occurs (Kennedy, 2010).

2.     Policy development

The business continuity planners need to adjust certain policies in order to accommodate the pandemic and its wide-ranging effects on the company and the surrounding community. The adjustments to the policies include changing the policies on teleworking or telecommuting, changing the policies that define absenteeism, adjusting the policies relating to videoconferencing and travel policies.

3.     Technology

The business continuity planning team should also consider adjusting policies relating to technology. The team should consider increasing the internet’s connectivity capacity, increasing the capacity for remote access facilities, utilizing videoconferencing instead of face-to-face meetings, and increasing the use of cellular phones to allow for accessibility of managers, and sales staff wherever they may be.

4.     Workforce

The business continuity planning team is also mandated with training the workforce on the proper ways of dealing with the pandemic. The team should also prepare for ways of offering internal medical assistance to its workers because the hospitals would be overwhelmed in the case of a pandemic.   


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