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Discuss the topic Making the Internet Safer for Children and Adults

Making the Internet Safer for Children and Adults

Making the Internet Safer for Children and Adults is the topic I have chosen for my research paper. The Internet has forever changed the way that people especially children interact with the world. It is a wonderful resource for information and socialization, but it has also exposed the children and adults to many dangers. Therefore, internet safety is a critical issue that needs to be addressed by governments, schools, teachers, parents, as well as internet service providers across the globe.

Thesis statement

Strict internet safety standards should be enforced especially in schools, at home and in libraries. The purpose is to ensure that children and teenagers are always protected when they go online.

Characteristics of the Audience

Majority of the members of the audience will be parents who are concerned about their children’s safety when they are online. Other audience members will include government bodies, school heads, law enforcement agencies, and other child safety stakeholders. These individuals or bodies are all concerned about the welfare of children and teenagers online and offline.

Scope of the Paper

The scope of the paper will include a broad definition of the term ‘internet safety’ as well as a brief description on some of the dangers that children and young adults face when they are online. The body of the paper will be discussing the issues that children face when they are online unsupervised, and the failure of governments, teachers, and parents to protect children online. The paper will also focus on ways of mitigating the situation so that the kids are duly protected from predators online. The conclusion of the paper will be my own personal experience with an online predator.

Questions to be answered

1.     What is Internet Safety? A subtle definition will ensue and the reasons why I believe Internet Safety is a pertinent issue.

2.     What are some of the dangers that children face when they are online?

3.     What has the government, school, and parents done in order to protect the children while they are online?

4.     What are some of the failures in Internet Security presently?

5.     What are some of the efforts that can be increased in order to promote internet safety for children?

Methods of Research

Primary research will involve my own experiences with the hazards of the internet while I was still a child. Secondary information will be derived from sources such as the Strayer’s LRC, The Wayne Library, and the Internet.


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