Subject: Music, Visual Arts and Film Studies
Topic: Parent Child Movie Review (Daddy Day Care Movie Review
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Select a professionally produced feature film (a list of possible films is attached) with a parent child relationship where the child is over the age of 13. View the film and then write a reflection of the film describing the events in the film you find most interesting/disturbing/controversial. Relate your reflection to the information in our PowerPoint slides. Your reflection should be 3-4 typed, double-spaced pages in length. You must provide the complete reference including the title of the film, screenwriter, producer, and production company. See the attached Rubric for more specific details about the evaluation of this assignment.

Reflection Paper: Daddy Day Care

Daddy Day Care is a 2003 film. The film was directed by Steve Carr. The writer of the movie was Geoff Rodkey and the production companies involved in creating the film were Revolution Studios’, Day Care Productions, and Davis Entertainment.  The movie is an about an African American family which is composed of a couple, Charlie and Kim Hinton, and the four-year-old-son, Ben Hinton. The family belongs to the middle class status of the society where Charlie is the sole breadwinner while Kim is a stay at home mother. However, at the onset of the movie, Kim goes back to school thus they are required to take their child in an expensive school. Things become difficult after Charlie loses his job together with his friend Phil. Charlie convince Phil that they should open a day care, which they call Daddy Day Care. 

When watching the film, I was amazed by how young children are attached to people. At the beginning of the film, it is evident that Ben, the child to Charlie and Kim is attached to his father. He does not want the father to go to work. Charlie is a good father to his son. He does not scold him for hiding his phone nor for interfering with his work notes. From the scene, I felt that the child had a good relationship with his father due the feeling of cherish his gets. As Richard Evans explains, children do not remember an individual for the material thing provided to them, but rather for the feeling cherished in them. I observed that Charlie had a good relationship with his son. For example, during the first day at school, when Charlie gets an emergency in work, he throws his son up in a style which he terms as ‘rocket ship’. Thus, I conclude that the good relationship between the father and the son is mainly due to the feeling he cherish on the son. 

At Chapman academy, I noticed that they were subjecting the children to some hard tasks. For example, the children were required to count numbers and take SAT tests. This can be explained properly by Erikson`s theory of psychosocial development. Erikson maintains that the personality of a person develops in a predetermined manner from their infancy to their adult. From the film, I opine that the child who was counting numbers is in the fourth stage of Erikson`s theory of psychosocial development (Industry vs. Inferiority). This is stage where a child is learning how to write or read. The teachers are also taking important role about the children. Besides, at this stage children also get the peer group. For Ben, he has not yet found any peer group. Thus, when his mother asks him how his day was, he just responds with an “okay“.  Lastly, from the scene, I observe that majority of the parents use Center-based child care program. In the movie, both Chapman Academy and Daddy Day care can be termed as center-based care programs. 

When Charlie and Phil decide to open a day care, I was surprised as I had never seen a day care ran by men before. However, they are able to interact with the children perfectly. During the first day at the day care, I observe that Charlie want to create positive peer groups among all the children.  He asks the children if they know how to read. However, the children become impatient. However, when he throws the children on the rocket ship jump, the children begins to cooperate. When Phil also start playing the guitar, the children also cooperate. The children relationship can be seen to be effective. Peer groups among children play a very key role in children attachment. They enable a child to be more socially competent, more cooperative, more popular and more empathetic. 

From the same scene, I observed that Ben did not have a proper interaction with other children. It can easily by noted that the child is more attached to his father than to the other kids. This behavior can be attributed to the lack of peer attachment from birth. Ben is the only child and he interacts only with his parents. He has not interact with other children thus making it difficult for him to interact with other children. Besides, from the scene I also observed the sleeping patterns of children from the film. Majority of the children slept after playing for so long. 

From the film, I observed the importance of parental bonding. Charlie, Phil and Marvin bonds well with all the kids. They are able to identify the numerous issues that the child are suffering from. For example, they develop the cognitive skills of the children. By playing to them songs and helping them develop patterns from paper, the child cognitive ability develops. 

From the film, I was able to learn a lot. I learnt about the parent-child relationship, why children behave in some manners, how to improve the cognitive behavior of children, how to indulge children during their playtime, how to develop peer groups among children etc. These factors are effective and can be aligned to different theories of development including Erikson`s theory of psychosocial development. Generally, I would recommend the film to any person who wishes to learn more about children-parent relationship. Besides, I would also recommend the film to any individual who have the business idea of instituting a children center based care. 


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