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So you have a financial analysis paper about a Fortune 500 company but you are unsure about where to find the necessary information. You could visit their website and download their annual report. But where do you find industry data for comparison? What are the trends in the industry? Which are the most important metrics in that field?

Or you simply need to find information laid out in a simple manner with a few charts and graphs. These websites may just be the best and most reliable out there. You will not be penalized for citing them because they are credible.

1. Yahoo! Finance

This website packs loads of information, which is accessible for free unlike some of the other websites on this list. Their main mission is to help people make informed investment decisions by sharing the most recent and relevant information on companies in the market. Therefore, for a finance student, this is definitely a go to resource!

2. Wall Street Journal

The print version of the newspaper has been in existence for decades but the company has evolved to include online content. The Wall Street Journal is especially useful when you are searching for very specific information on a given Fortune 500 Company. They are a premium content company and therefore have subscription packages for different categories of customers. There is a student package that gives you unlimited access to the Wall Street Journal paper, podcasts, events, and newsletters.

3. CNN Markets

CNN is one of the biggest news networks in the world. They have a page dedicated to news about stock markets. They have graphs on market trends and news articles on events regarding listed companies. The company is well resourced and therefore you can expect news from all over the world. If you simply want to research on the latest events in the global financial markets, this is definitely a go-to resource.

4. Bloomberg Markets

Bloomberg is another great resource for anyone interested in critical financial analysis of listed companies. They publish loads of content on their website on industries such as big data, artificial intelligence, politics, and markets. They have broken down the performance of major companies, compared them with industry peers, and shared their projections for years. Their website is easy to navigate and they have a great deal of video content too. They have subscription packages for investors interested in deeper analysis of companies. Such subscribers get the Bloomberg Markets magazine that is published six times a year.

5. Wallmine

This website offers a great deal of information on markets from Asia, Europe, Australia, and the USA. The website is very attractive to look at with in-depth analysis of all featured stocks. It is a great resource for anyone interested in both trend and fundamental analysis of stocks. They are not as big a company as other behemoths in this list but they are worth a look.

6. MSN Money

Owned by Microsoft, MSN Money is a website designed to aggregate finance news for its clients. They publish on a wide array of areas under their markets tab. These include mutual funds, EFTs, bonds, and stocks. They have charts showing the performance trends of various companies. Their website is however not limited to markets alone. Instead, they also focus on real estate, economic news, and personal finance as well. Their website allows users to create a profile to enable them track the performance of their portfolio. All this is free.

7. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is another great resource for in-depth analysis of stocks and other securities. Their website categorizes news by either themes or categories for easy navigation. It is no wonder that their websites receives over 15 million visitors every month. They have more than 16000 contributors who help publish over 7000 articles a month. Their focus is mainly market watch, forecasts, investment strategies, and earnings reports of over 8000 counters. It is a great place to mine credible information for any financial analysis student.

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