Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Our Essay Writing Services

Your access and use of Essay Tank is dependent on your acceptance of all the conditions outlined herein. These terms and conditions apply to all who access and use Essay Tank. Accessing Essay Tank means that you have agreed to comply with all the outlined terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any of the conditions, then you should refrain from using the website.

EssayTank Terms

·        Website means https://www.essaytank.com/

·        Customer/consumer/client/you refers to any individual submitting an order, providing information, and transferring payment

·        We/Company/Our refers to this Essay Tank

·        Order refers to an original request for an essay by you, order also incorporates the specific requirements of the request including the topic, sources to be used and other details specified by the customer

o  Alternatively, Order also refers to the request for a paid service from Essay Tank made by the customer

o  Order also refers to a written request uploaded to this website which details the writing requirements

·        Product refers to the completed order as written by our writers based on the instructions that you provide


By using Essay Tank, you acknowledge that:

·        All the information that you provide to the website is accurate and truthful

·        The obligation of ensuring and maintaining accuracy falls on the customer

·        You are eighteen years of age and have the ability to enter legally binding agreements

·        Your use of the services provided by https://www.essaytank.com/ does not violate any regulation and rules in your country, university, college, or school.

Essay Tank reserves the right to terminate services provided to you without warning and to delete your profile of we have reason to suspect that you have violated any of the eligibility requirements.

Services provided

The services that we provide at Essay Tank include providing clients with essays, dissertations, term papers, reports research papers, and other types of written assignments; these services are intended for your personal use and reference only.

Other services that we provide include proofreading, paraphrasing, editing, formatting, and rewriting existing papers.

The services offered are only provided to clients who submit an order through the forms provided and pay the necessary fees.

The standard writing format provided by this website is a Microsoft word document with, 12 point times new roman font, double spaced, 275 words per page, and one-inch all around the document. Should the client want a single spaced paper format, they will pay twice the rate since the effective number of words in a page has also doubled.

Essay Tank reserves the right to use any research materials to complete the orders; the materials include websites, journals, books, online publications, interviews to complete the writing assignment. Clients who want specific sources to be used should specify.

Registration and placing an order

The order becomes activated after the client has completed the order form; this is the only way the website can acquiesce to the writing request. The order form specifies the order parameters, delivery terms, and the scope of the work. It is the client’s responsibility to avail complete and accurate information when filling out the order form.

In addition to the order details, Essay Tank may require additional information needed to process the order or payment such as phone number, name, and email.


By placing an order on Essay Tank, you agree to purchase writing services from the website. Essay Tank will start to process the order only after payment has been made and authorized. Payment for the order is determined based on the nature of the order and paid in advance as indicated in the order form after the client has indicated the scope of work. Essay Tanks is not obligated to deliver the product until the client makes payment and the payment authorized. The primary mode of payment is through PayPal.

Upon completing the order details, Essay Tank may request for additional time and payment in order to work on your order. The customer is at liberty to agree to the new order terms or to refuse to cooperate with the company.

Essay Tank reserves the right to re assess the order details after payment is made in order to ensure the requirements of the order. If the company observes a mismatch in the order, the company will modify the requirements to ensure that the conditions provided are accurate and in line with the rest of the order instructions.

Each order provided by the customer includes a specified number of words. Essay Tank will ensure that the completed order matches the number of words specified by the customer.

If the customer needs specific sources, the onus is on the customer to provide the sources. The customer will specify the sources and provide them to the website. Additional charges will be incurred for sources that need payment such as paywall articles, journals, and books.

Essay Tank has responsibility over delivering the product as specified, and meeting the deadline indicated by the customer.

The customer is responsible for ensuring the availability of the delivery means once Essay Tank has completed the order and provided the product to the client. Essay Tank is has no responsibility over an incorrect email address, internet outages, spam filters, and general customer negligence in failing to provide appropriate order delivery channels that enable the company to avail the completed order.

The client has responsibility over downloading the order shortly after Essay Tank has completed the order.

As the client, when you pay for an order, you explicitly acknowledge that it is for personal and noncommercial use. The amount of money you pay reflects the time effort and skill our writers put into researching, writing, proofreading and completing the order.

The client should not display, modify, reproduce, or distribute the essay in any way on the internet or in the form of a physical copy over the limits nescearry for your individual use.

All products by Essay Tank are solely for the intention of reference, research or as an example of how to go about academic assignments.


The company will only issue a refund based on the terms outlined herein. The customer can and will receive a full refund if the essay is not up to par or the paper is not delivered within the agreed upon period. In the event that the customer cancels the order, the client will receive a complete refund within five to seven business days from the time the customer makes the request for cancellation.

The website will evaluate all requests for refund on an individual basis as special reasons do occur that necessitate further examinations. Should you make the request for a refund, we will require you to prove that the product’s quality was low.

If the delivery of the paper is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, Essay Tank may avail compensation in the form of a credit or discount towards your order.


Any request for revision or complaint must be made within the indicated revision period. The revision period begins on the day that the order period expires, after this period no request for revision will be accepted.

Because of the complexity and nature of orders differs, larger and more complex orders will have a revision period that is longer than the standard. The website is responsible for determining the revision period.

When the client receives the completed product, the client is entitled to a free revision if the availed order fail to meet the instructions provided. The company is obligated to avail as many revisions as possible within the review period until the product meets your requirement. All revisions are based on the original instructions provided. If the revision request deviates significantly from the original instructions, the company will interpret the request as an application for a new essay that requires further payment.


Essay Tank may need you to provide us with personal information for the purposes of identification; Essay Tank may also have to assess other sources in order to find out further information about our client. Accepting the terms herein means that you give us permission to seek out further information that we deem necessary to ensure that the information that you provide is accurate.

You consent to us storing and using your personal information in order to availing our services. You also consent to us using your personal information to communicate with you.

Limitation of liability

This website is not liable to the customer in regards to the contents and use of this website for the failure of the client to understand the materials needed for the writing assignment, for the final grade assigned by the school and for the consequences and outcome of submission of the paper to any academic institution.

By using the services offered by Essay Tank, you agree refrain from holding the company responsible or guilty for any legal claim and demand made by any third parties concerning the use of our services. Under no circumstances will Essay Tank be held responsible for any incidental, indirect, consequential, direct, and special or punitive damages that may occur due to the client’s use of the services provided by Essay Tank the essay writing service that it avails to its customers.

Company responsibility and copyright

The company does not tolerate academic dishonesty, plagiarism, and fraudulent behavior. Essay Tank is not responsible if illegal and unethical use of our services occurs.

The product delivered to the client by Essay Tank remains the property of Essay Tank and thus is subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights.

The product is intended for your personal use only and may not be used, copied, distributed, displayed, sold, licensed or exploited in any way for other purposes without our prior consent.

The client consents to avoiding the use, distribution or copying of essays other than expressly stated and permitted by Essay Tank

Privacy and Security

The privacy statement availed in Essay Tank provides additional details in regards to the website’s privacy policies and practices when collecting, storing and using client data. Should the client wish to find out more on the security measures implemented by Essay Tank, the privacy policy page has a comprehensive break down of the privacy measures.

Essay Tank maintains the right to contact its clients through email in order to inform them about new special offers, discounts, new services or any additional information that Essay Tank deems it necessary for the clients to know. However, the company’s actions are limited to informing clients of new services that they can take advantage of. Essay Tank values the privacy of our clients will not avail personally identifying information to any third parties. All transactions on the site are facilitated through a secure online payment system.

Disclaimer on Links Provided on the Website

While Essay Tank may provide hyperlinks to other websites, it provides no guarantees that the content of the hyperlinks comply with the terms and conditions of this website. Essay Tank does not own and has no responsibility over any of the content within the hyperlinks provided in this website. 

Change Notification

The company maintains the ability to update the terms and conditions at our pleasure. By continuing to use this website, you signify your implicit approval of any adjustments and changes made to the terms and conditions. Thus, the client has an obligation to read and understand the terms and conditions regularly.


By availing the essay writing service, Essay Tank does not provide warranties or representation of warranty. The outlined terms and conditions, alongside any information provided on the website do not amount to a stated or implied warranty. Should the client have a problem with the provided essay, the terms, and conditions outline the procedure for a revision.

Essay Tank provides no guarantees that the website will operate free of hitches or errors and has no responsibility over any repercussions that arise from problems in the website’s operation. The onus is on the consumer to ensure the usefulness, accuracy, and completeness of content, information, product, or advice related to and available on this website.